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What is Prestashop?

Prestashop is an open-source e-commerce solution and a market leader in the world of e-commerce platforms. By using Prestashop, users can create and customize their online stores, attract online visitors, and grow their business at a local and global scale.

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What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a big player in the world of e-commerce platforms. Designed to cater to retail businesses, BigCommerce is a subscription-based platform that consists of a variety of features that are acquired through a series of tiers.


Prestashop vs BigCommerce: Ease of Use Comparison

Ease of use: Prestashop

Prestashop is extremely easy to install. Customers are only required to click on the application and wait a few minutes to have access to it along with all of its features. Since Prestashop is not resource-intensive, it can run without hiccups on many devices. Users can use mobile devices or the web to access Prestashop.

Prestashop doesn’t require specialized technical skills to be properly operated. This means even someone with little-to-no computer literacy can get well acquainted with the software. Prestashop is the e-commerce platform of choice worldwide for independent web developers and web development agencies. 


Ease of Use: BigCommerce

BigCommerce boasts to be an all-in-one e-commerce software platform, with enough built-in features and solutions to cater to all of your online store needs. By having a market approach with an emphasis on Software as a Service (SaaS), BigCommerce offers its users access to its tools in exchange for a monthly subscription. The extent of perks received varies depending on the pricing tier the customer chooses to adhere to.


Ease of Use Overview

The Prestashop experience is the same for all users, while BigCommerce customers only get access to better tools if they choose to purchase the service’s higher tiers. Both of these e-commerce platforms have intuitive user interfaces, with most features easily accessible through a dashboard.

The Prestashop and BigCommerce e-commerce platforms are available for use on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. It is also possible to have access to both platforms through the web. However, Prestashop has the advantage of being fully accessible via Windows and Mac.


Prestashop Templates vs BigCommerce Templates Comparison

Prestashop Templates

One of the key benefits of using Prestashop is the variety of themes and templates clients can access to customize their online store. Through the use of several plugin software options users can personalize the front-end of their store design with high-quality templates, themes, and even filters.


BigCommerce Templates

Bigcommerce offers its users a variety of templates to choose from. Templates are available from the platform’s online store, and users can set categories to hasten their search. Nevertheless, only a small selection of templates are available free of charge. Users can expect to pay between $150 to $300 for a design if they want to customize their online store.


Template Overview

If your needs for a website can be satisfied with a basic design, either platform can deliver the merchandise. Users of both Prestashop and BigCommerce have access to both free and purchased options to customize their websites. However, Prestashop’s free options are more flexible and diverse.


Integrations and add-ons comparison: PrestaShop vs BigCommerce

Integration and Add-Ons: Prestashop

Users of Prestashop have access to market-leading software solutions like Google Analytics and eBay through the platform. Some examples of widely used online services Prestashop can integrate with are:


Integration and Add-Ons: BigCommerce

BigCommerce has a selection of curated partners. Over 600 partner apps exist in the BigCommerce platform marketplace. It is through the acquisition of these apps that users gain access to features such as catalogues, checkout, product sourcing, email marketing, or marketplaces, among others.


Customer Service Comparison: PrestaShop vs BigCommerce

Customer Support: Prestashop

Prestashop offers its users technical support at any time. Information about the different features and specifications of their service is shared to their user with the help of tutorials and documentation. Customer service representatives can be reached on their online support forum or the Prestashop community. 

These representatives not only answer users’ inquiries, but they also offer those interested with training courses with video and other didactic material. If someone needs a paid expert, Prestahop customer service representatives can also offer paid support services to its users.


Customer Support: BigCommerce

Clients can contact BigCommerce through email, live chat, or via phone call. Contacting the sales team must be done so during business hours, which vary depending on the region the customer is located in. BigCommerce’s support team is reachable anytime by phone or email. Training courses with multimedia solutions are also offered by customer support.


Shipping Comparison: PrestaShop vs BigCommerce

Shipping: Prestashop

Prestashop gives you control of the way you handle charges and set shipping costs, including options for free shipping. For example, you can set the software so that when a customer spends more than $50 on your online store, they automatically get their items shipped for free.

Customers working alongside local carriers can rest easy knowing that Prestashop can include them with little effort. Users can choose their shipping carrier and sync all their information to their system by using Prestashop’s Admin features via their dashboard.


Shipping: BigCommerce

BigCommerce offers a range of shipping options. By purchasing the higher pricing services, users have access to real-time shipping quotes. If users wish to offer their customers perks such as free shipping, this must be done through third-party software. These features are add-on content on BigCommerce and can be found on the e-commerce platform’s online store.


Payment Comparison: PrestaShop vs BigCommerce

Payment: Prestashop

By using multiple payment integration, users of the Prestashop platform can integrate as many payment gateways as they see fit for the success of their business. This means that all kinds of barriers and delays in receiving payment from customers can be easily circumvented. This option is flexible and easy to use, requiring minimal technical knowledge to set up.

Prestashop counts several payment providers as partners. Customers of Prestashop can select from more than 250 different payment providers. For instance, users in the North American market can set their online store to work with Paypal USA and Canada, Amazon Pay,, Discover Global Network, and many others.


Payment: BigCommerce

BigCommerce has built-in integration with several payment gateways recognized by the general public. These include Amazon Pay, Paypal, Masterpass, and Apple Pay. Its native integration goes one step further, having digital wallets like, Ayden, and Square working natively within the platform.

All this built-in native integration comes with a caveat. Users of BigCommerce must pay a fee every time a transaction is done using either a debit or a credit card. Whenever buyers purchase by using these payment methods, the owner of the online store can expect to pay at least 2.9% of the price of the purchase plus $0.30.


Payment Overview

Both Prestashop and BigCommerce have you covered when it comes to access to the most common payment methods. If, for example, a user of Big Commerce makes $5000 on a particular month out of 250 transactions done with either a debit or credit card, then that user will pay BigCommerce an average of $365 just for that month’s sales. This price is additional to the user’s subscription tier, and the money they may have spent personalizing their online store.

In contrast, Prestashop is a 100% free software solution and charges no commission on your sales. If a user wishes to do so, they can acquire additional software modules to handle commissions within their sales force themselves.


Pricing Comparison: PrestaShop vs BigCommerce

Pricing: Prestashop

Prestashop can be acquired for free. It doesn’t matter if the customer in question is a freelancer, a small business owner, or the manager of a regional retail chain. The full platform and all of its features can be freely accessed. It is a fully open-source platform with no hidden costs so anyone can use it!  


Pricing: BigCommerce

The starting price of BigCommerce is $29.95 per month. Paying this monthly fee gives users access to the Standard Edition, from which they can further upgrade to the Plus option for $79.95 per month or the Pro version for $299.95 per month. There is also an Enterprise payment tier, but information on its cost is only disclosed upon contact with BigCommerce.


Pricing Overview

If you are looking for the best price, Prestashop is by far the superior alternative. Customers get access to state-of-the-art website building tools at no cost whereas users of BigCommerce have to pay the steep prices that come with its upgrades.

Users of BigCommerce also have to be wary about the hidden costs that come with using their platform. The starting price may be a monthly fee of $29.95, but that doesn’t include the costs for payment processing, acquiring templates, and extra features.


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