Telemarketing in the modern world

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Some people are a bit on edge when they hear the word telemarketing because it is sometimes accompanied by intrusive attitudes. This bad reputation has even led to the creation of smartphone apps that tell you if calls from unknown numbers come from a call center. However, telemarketing is an excellent tool if properly used. Like other marketing tools, the secret lies in knowing how to use them correctly. In this article, we tell you all about telemarketing in the modern world.


What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a set of marketing activities that are carried out through the telephone. Telemarketing is carried out within a call center and consists of direct telephone contact between a company and current or potential clients.

In the first place, for telemarketing to be truly effective, the operator must take many aspects into account, paying special attention to the language used and the tone of voice, since the negotiation is carried out by phone and not physically. This is why it is necessary to correctly define and establish the tone, the cadence, and the specific words that can persuade a potential client.

Once the initial phase of introduction and presentation is over, it is necessary to move on to the actual transaction. Here are the recommended steps:

  1. Define the customer’s needs
  2. Understand what is the most appropriate solution for the consumer
  3. Effectively show the benefits of the product or service
  4. Explain in detail all the benefits that the client will reap
  5. Close the sale

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Why is telemarketing used?

Typically, telemarketing is used for all kinds of business activities, market research, or customer service activities. It is also a useful tool to provide information (invitations to events, class action settlements, verification of customer data, providing information on a new company policy, etc.). 

Since it can be used in different ways, it is essential to understand and define the objectives you want to achieve. The next step to execute a telemarketing strategy is the briefing to the structure, which will direct and carry out the telephone operations, which can also be carried out by an external company.

It is also essential to define what will be the script and the supporting text that the operators will use. It is a simulation of the telephone conversation, which usually contains a series of instructions that will allow the operator to successfully standardize calls.


How telemarketing is changing in the modern global marketplace

Telemarketing is changing the modern global marketplace since algorithms can be used to find the number of potential clients that are prone to be receptive to a call. Telemarketing is also employed to establish contact with hot leads who have directly expressed their interest in a product or service either through the website, email, chat, or social networks. 

After potential clients leave their phone numbers, they should be connected directly to contact center technologies (such as automatic dialing systems) so that the lead can be called as soon as possible. Modern telemarketing has the value proposition of not disturbing the user or being intrusive. It seeks to add value in every interaction. In this context, calls are the final step in a series of strategic actions, which are based on data analysis.

That being said, for these practices to be truly successful, it is essential to have an omnichannel contact center and marketing automation tool that is capable of managing the contacts. Most call centers operate with an automatic telephone dialing system.

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Best Modern Telemarketing Practices

Artificial intelligence is starting to be leveraged for telemarketing purposes, helping out with tasks such as sending out prerecorded voice messages and finding the phone number of individuals who could be interested in a product or service.

The role of the conventional telemarketer who cold calls hundreds of contacts every day to try to close a sale is now a thing of the past. Nowadays, operators receive information about the contacts that have already gone through a previous phase so that they can offer them a personalized offer. This new type of operator not only handles the telephone but also a wide range of omnichannel communication.

Telemarketers that work with modern technology must be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Research leads
  • Use the right communication channel 
  • Use an omnichannel contact center solution
  • Work according to a strategy
  • Focus on each client
  • Gather and analyze data


Research Leads

Thanks to modern telemarketing, traditional cold calls are not that common anymore. Now, before contacting a lead, a telemarketer must analyze previous interactions with the brand, the degree of interest of the lead, and what type of product or service may interest them. Once they have this information, they must determine if calling them is a good idea, or if it is preferable to use another communication channel.


Use the right communication channel 

If the client prefers not to be contacted by phone, it is possible to resort to other digital channels such as social networks, email, WhatsApp, SMS, and even Facebook. Many potential clients are more familiar and feel more comfortable when interacting through a specific communication channel.


Use an Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

To maintain good communications and offer customers an improved experience, it is better to use a platform that integrates all communication channels rather than use each means of contact separately. This applies to both sales and after-sales service!


Work According to a Strategy

It is not a good practice to spend time making calls to customers who are likely to say no or not take the time to answer the phone. The modern telemarketer must work according to a plan in order to optimize the time spent on each call and improve the rate of closed sales.


Focus on Each Client

Today’s sales speeches must focus on what each particular user may want or need. This is key to ensure a good customer service experience. For this, it’s important for the operator to prepare each call and thoroughly know the product/service, as well as the profile of the client. It is not about repeating an offer or speech from memory, but about trying to establish a genuine and authentic conversation, where listening is just as important as speaking.


Gather and Analyze Data

It is extremely important to record and keep track of valuable information that may be useful for future communication with a particular lead. This data will be critical to fine-tune the sales strategy.


Advantages of telemarketing in the modern world

Here are key benefits of telemarketing in the modern world:

  1. High effectiveness
  2. Affordable
  3. Reaches your target audience
  4. Genuine and fluid communication


1. High Effectiveness

Unlike online and face-to-face interviews, phone calls in which customers have asked to be called have the highest response rate and effectiveness. This is because it is the most immediate and simple method for contacting people.


2. Affordable 

It is one of the cheapest solutions on the market, since the company does not have to incur costs to rent or buy specific software if it externalizes the telemarketing service.


3. Reach your Target Audience


Telemarketing makes it easy to reach your target audience effectively. To this day, the telephone continues to be the only means of communication capable of establishing personal and direct contact. If you offer a personalized interaction with leads, they are more likely to respond positively when they speak with an operator.


4. Genuine Communication

Telemarketing makes it possible to establish a direct conversation with your client (potential or real), which is a perfect opportunity to get to know him/her better and improve customer satisfaction. Thanks to its Astuel division, Publi Web Media offers its clients and partners the possibility of outsourcing a wide range of telemarketing activities or functions to establish personalized and favorable contact with clients.

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