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Having the right online store is an essential tool to develop your eCommerce and grow your customer base


There is no doubt that e-commerce is fast becoming one of the favourite shopping strategies of customers around the world, and the reasons are obvious! Online stores and services allow us to quickly browse, compare and order multiple products from wherever, even from the comfort of your home, and have it delivered to our door or picked up at our convenience.

This means that stores can develop a 24/7 sales and information platform, which will significantly increase their sales and visibility. Even if there is no immediate transaction, an online visit is often the first step towards a purchase for your customers.

Whether it is for the creation of a high-performance eCommerce site under PrestaShop or a catalogue type website for a large company under Drupal, not to mention SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM ( Social Media Marketing), our experienced team will meet your expectations.


The advantages of having your eCommerce site

There are many benefits to an online store that can have a huge impact on your performance and bottom line. A key element is the ability to better understand the tastes and needs of your customers; what they’re looking for, their baskets, their interests, the average amount they spend and much more. However, this solution will also bring you other benefits such as:

  1. The possibility for your customers to discover your products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make it easier and more practical for your customers to find you, anytime, anywhere!
  2. Saving money by choosing a cost-effective solution to increase your sales and product exposure. A fully integrated eCommerce solution will allow your operations to runs seamlessly and works with your own ERP.
  3. Collecting data on your customers to constantly improve your offer, develop your strategy and provide better service. Having a good understanding of the rapidly changing customer needs is crucial to be successful in today’s market.

What our customers say

Nous sommes une agence web spécialisée en E-commerce et en intégration de système de communications Web bidirectionnelles, en temps réel ou en différé, avec tous les systèmes de gestion de l’entreprise.


La raison derrière cela est que presque tous les propriétaires d’entreprise et les entrepreneurs font la mise en place de leurs propres magasins de détail en ligne pour vendre leurs produits et recevoir des paiements pour ces produits vendus.

PrestaShop allie la croissance numérique à l’intelligence d’affaires. C’est pourquoi PrestaShop fait partie des plateformes E-commerce les plus utilisées au monde.

Nous élaborerons pour vous le design qui reflètera le mieux votre marque et qui s’adaptera parfaitement à votre secteur d’activité.

Avec plus de 600 fonctionnalités, PrestaShop offre tout dont vous avez besoin pour démarrer une activité E-commerce prospère dans tous les pays, quelle que soit la taille de votre boutique.

Le cahier des charges (CDC) est le document le plus précieux et l’outil le plus important que les gestionnaires de projets doivent élaborer en tout premier lieu et sur lequel ils doivent se fier pour assurer le succès d’un site web E-commerce.

Dans l’éventualité où notre client ne disposerait pas d’un cahier des charges précis, nous évaluerons son projet à partir des informations qui nous seront dévoilées pour lui remettre une fourchette de prix.Si le budget est accepté, nous échafauderons avec et pour notre client un cahier des charges précis.


Our areas of expertise in optimizing your online presence

  1. Development of eCommerce sites

  2. Systems integration

     – Two-Way Communication

     – ERP management

     – Marketing

  3. SMM Social Media Marketing Strategy

  4. SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Why work with an eCommerce agency in Kitchener ?

Benefit from the expertise of Publi Web Media for the choice, integration and use of eCommerce platform on your website

Developing an online sales platform is a difficult task for businesses for several reasons, starting with the choise of the platform. There are many options for your online sales, such as Shopify, WOO Commerce, and Magento, all of which offer specific benefits and are particularly well suited for certain products, services, or strategy. Our experience allows us to guide you in this choice, and subsequently integrate this platform with your own ERP.

Publi Web Media is the perfect solution for a fast, economical and optimized online service implementation for your operations. Do not hesitate to contact our team to find out more about our services.


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