SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the action of referencing, that is to say to mention something or to refer to it.

Caution, because there is a fundamental difference between referencing and Internet positioning:

A good web SEO is to have all the pages accessible from its site indexed in search engine databases.

A good positioning is to be on the first pages of the search engines when the research is focused on its business activity.

A good positioning therefore necessarily goes through a good referencing and PUBLI WEB MEDIA has become accustomed to use the two terms to qualify all the techniques to be well seen by search engines.

In the ever-changing world of search engine optimization, a goal remains constant: traffic.

The higher the site ranks on the search engine results pages as seen by a user, the more the site will receive traffic. A website that has been subject to standards and strategies of a SEO expert and reputable company is in better position than its competitors. However, implementing good “White Hat” SEO strategy does not mean the application of a series of quick solutions for better ranking and more traffic. But rather the establishment of recognized search engine optimization strategies and that consists of following search engine guidelines, and never placing a customer in a detrimental situation.

SEO Optimisation sur moteurs de recherche

SEO and SEM help increase traffic on a website, as well as increase conversion rates. The PUBLI WEB MEDIA SEO experts have an excellent reputation as a SEO company. We understand why SEO is beneficial to your business, and that without a strong “White Hat” SEO strategy any great web site will fail.

Developing an SEO Strategy

A strong and ethical SEO strategy should work as an integral extension of Internet marketing because it is essential to the success of any organization having an online presence. While it is important to recognize traffic as a primary target, it is equally important to understand why SEO is primarily a goal. An optimal SEO strategy encapsulates many things. The most important is undoubtedly the content. Creating high quality content that includes targeted keywords and relevant to user queries is the key to organic search. A site that effectively practices the recommendations of reputable SEO professionals will probably be better positioned than the competition. A site optimized by an SEO expert will generally be rewarded to rank higher by the search engines because this site aims to deliver what the user wants. And search engines reward websites that do.

SEO Experts

As a full service SEO company that operates since 2006, PUBLI WEB MEDIA focuses on SEO design and website search engine optimization by embracing a holistic Internet marketing optimization strategy. Effective development and execution of an appropriate search engine optimization strategy is an essential element to our mutual success, and one of the most powerful online marketing tools available. With the help of renowned SEO professionals from PUBLI WEB MEDIA, you can maximize results over time in order to increase return on investment. We will make lasting improvements for the long-term success of your site. We provide thorough search engine optimization services to ensure that your site is authoritative and excels over your competition. All of our SEO services are customized to your needs and prices are negotiated to suit your needs for a successful project.

Our services

PUBLI WEB MEDIA is one of the few companies to possess the necessary expertise to accompany you entirely and completely in the meanderings of setting up an inter site. Beyond the creation of your site, which is a cornerstone for the general attractiveness of your site, PUBLI WEB MEDIA has a team of seasoned professionals who will know a wide range of products that are not only complementary, but also essential to get the visibility needed for your website.


The first mistake not to commit in SEO is to want to do everything at the same time and set everything up quickly: Content writing, directory registrations, acquire links to your site, etc. Now with its latest updates (Panda and Pinguin) from Google, robots now detect these artificial operations and penalize this kind of artificial operation.

The VISIO offer is based on a progressive and iterative process in order to “simulate” a normal and natural activity of the evolution of your site content point of view and linking point of view. The operations of this offer are based on regularity, repetition and duration:

Technical Audit & SEO

Study & Extraction of keywords

Writing & Content Integration

Monthly linking, directory & Press Releases


All our VISIO offers contain the same basic elements:

Each semester, we carry out a technical audit to analyze your site and an audit of your positioning.

Each semester, we carry out a study of key words and an online content optimized.

Each month, we make for you several entries in directories and mailing press releases.

At the end of each month, we send you an activity report to allow you to follow the operations carried out on your site.

You have access to your online daily report to monitor changes in your positioning:

We have several packages. They contain all the same benefits, but with different amounts to suit your needs and / or your budget.

We guarantee a presence of your keywords in Google search results: 10% in 1st page, 10% in 2nd page and 10% in 3rd page on Google.

The offer is a monthly benefit with no time limit and can be canceled after 10 months of subscription.