Woocommerce: Perfect For eCommerce Startups

Why Woocommerce is Perfect For eCommerce Startups.

Essentially, WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin. Launched at the end of September 2011, WooCommerce is growing with around 26% of eCommerce platform market share worldwide.

Made for eCommerce Startups

WooCommerce offers users an extensive but extremely user-friendly experience, making it ideal for eCommerce startups looking to probe the market without spending a fortune.

There is no shortage of high-quality eCommerce platform currently offered on the market that strives to help merchants sell online easily and innovative.

But if you’re a startup and you’re limited in finance, WooCommerce can be the perfect eCommerce platform for you because it’s completely free, easy to manage, and offers extensive and extremely flexible functionality through adding extensions.

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