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We offer a complete web design and development service on the Joomla journalistic content management platform (CMS).

A little over two years ago we made a list of the main reasons to choose Joomla for designing a website after seeing a similar list for Drupal.

So, while the following reasons are the top of the list for many, there are so many other good reasons to use Joomla.

Since this list was created, there have been many upgrades with the Joomla 2.5.x version and now the 3.0.x Joomla version that has crawled up to a super 3.5 version loaded.

There are many new reasons to enjoy using the Joomla platform. In fact, they have actually even migrated to a single platform based on the Joomla Framework which is the ideal launch pad to build just about any web application you might dream of.

So, while the following reasons are the top of the list for many, there are so many other good reasons to use Joomla.

Top 10 Reasons to use Joomla! CMS

1. Quick website development:

Joomla is relatively easy for non-technical users. Built with sample content, you can install templates with one click and clear instructions can help you get started. A site based on Joomla can be set up with most web hosts in minutes.

2. Thousands of extensions and integrations:

Joomla! Offers more than 10,000 extensions and is supported by one of the world’s largest development communities. You can focus on designing an awesome website and know that there are many useful features that you can add as needed.

3. Modular and extensible architecture/h4>

Joomla! Is an open source platform that allows unlimited possibilities to extend functionality over features. Joomla is built in the MVC (Model-view-controller) framework and a LAMP-based architecture. It provides developers and designers with cost-effective flexibility.

4. Social publishing and community building:

Joomla! Has the ability to exploit the latest social media technologies, including wikis, blogs, articles, forums, social networks, page markers, RSS feeds, business lists, document management, Integrations CRM, ERP and LMS.

5. World-class user interface:

Joomla! Has one of the largest portfolios of rich, customizable and available online models. These world-class concepts are designed to personalize your layouts and implement your brand strategies in a way that saves time and money.

6. Multisites, profiles, replication and backups:

Many options are available for implementing complex content management and user profile policies on large-scale Web development projects. Multi sites can be managed and sites can be saved or cloned easily.

7. A developing world community:

Joomla! CMS community is one of the largest open source communities in the world. Open forums and free training resources are available. In addition, commercial support companies can also help with competitive rates.

8. Reduction in Software Acquisition Costs

Joomla! Is built under license GNU / Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Developers can access source code to accomplish virtually any web-based requirements. This provides scalability and flexibility, extending the capabilities of your web tools over time.

9. Secure, scalable and reliable:

Joomla! CMS is used on more than 2.9% of all websites worldwide. This means that patches and updates are presented in real-time by an aggressive online development community. Extended security systems such as Secure Live and regular server audit services help Joomla! One of the most secure web platforms available.

10. Fun et facile à utiliser :

Once you have worked with Joomla! CMS, you can not help but be addicted to learning everything you can do with these tools. The more you know, the more you are amazed at the possibilities of what you can create online.

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Choosing the right CMS is no easy task!

PUBLI WEB MEDIA, Joomla web agency in Montreal will accompany you.

The content manager is the basis on which a website rests, so its choice is paramount. However, this choice does not guarantee the quality of the website delivered. At PUBLI WEB MEDIA, each website delivery is accompanied by a 45-day guarantee.

To do this, you must first have a complete specifications and design the professional graphic design that will suit you. Then, integrate it in order to support the different browsers and adapt it to different interfaces: computer, tablet and smartphone.

You still need to configure Joomla! to match your needs precisely while maximizing the referencing of the site and making sure of the security of the modules installed and developed.

This involves several specific trades that are gathered within our web agency Joomla Montreal, strong of numerous references of Joomla websites and which will be able to accompany you and to follow you in the whole lifetime of your website


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Target audience and possible types of visitors

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Existing websites analysis

Competing websites analysis

Inspiring websites analysis (websites you like)

Visual Requirements

Study of targeted keywords for organic SEO

Keyword mapping by content

Improvements to the website

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Content Stream Requirements

Present a potential action plan

Desired website traffic results

Our Joomla websites are built with the latest technologies.

Our Joomla! template are responsive

This means they will automatically adapt to mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. Friendly web design (also known as RWD) is a web design approach that provides optimal viewing across a wide range of devices. A website can host desktop monitors, tablets and mobile phones. This saves development time and reduces maintenance costs.

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