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eCommerce is currently the buzzword on internet.

The reason behind this is that almost all existing business owners and new budding entrepreneurs are setting up their own online retail stores to sell their products and subsequently to receive payments for those products sold online.

But to achieve success and monetary profit with an online store it is imperative that the store is not technologically lagging behind in any aspect and has to offer the customer the best shopping experience ever experienced.

For this to happen, the quality and caliber of the e-commerce platform used to build your online retail store should be very high-performing.

Even though there are many e-commerce platforms that you can use to build your online store, PrestaShop stands out brilliantly from its competitors!


Here are the top 10 reasons why PrestaShop is one of the best e-commerce platforms.

1. Ease of use:

Ergonomics is one of the most crucial factors that make PrestaShop one of the most well-known e-commerce platforms. The first factor you have to think about when analyzing any e-commerce platform is the level of usability provided by the platform. When it comes to the e-Commerce platform – PrestaShop gets a very high score in the user-friendliness criterion. This is because first of all the installation of PrestaShop is very simple and it requires very little technical skills. In fact, PrestaShop can be installed with the help of a 1-click installer such as Softaculous or SimpleScripts. In addition, the installation process takes only a few minutes. Also, unlike Magento e-commerce platform, installing PrestaShop is fast and does not require a large amount of resources.

2. Innumerable themes and models:

This is one of the leading qualities of PrestaShop. With PrestaShop, you can benefit from many themes and templates for your online store. PrestaShop provides a large number of plugins and modules that can enhance the front-end design of your ecommerce shop.

In addition, PrestaShop has a wide range of extensions including advanced modules, high-quality templates, beautiful themes, high-end administration features, search engine optimization, secure transactions, commands and even filters. The varied template options offered by PrestaShop are of the highest quality as well.

In short, with PrestaShop, you can have a superb online store with easy navigation, easy control, the “Quick View” button functionality, edit colors, fonts and CSS, comprehensive product information, product images, social media plug-ins and more.

In other words, if you opt for PrestaShop as the e-commerce platform for your online retail store, your customers are sure to enjoy one of the best experiences of online shopping ever on your e-commerce store !

3. Easy to add new features:

In addition to PrestaShop’s large-scale integrated capabilities such as product management, shipment management, supply management and customer management, this e-commerce platform also allows the addition of several new features easy to install.

In PrestaShop, new features are added via modules or extensions. With these add-ons or extensions, you can customize the appearance and functionality of your store to meet your customer’s’ needs and the needs of your business

And the icing on the cake is that the majority of modules or extensions are available for free on PrestaShop Addons Marketplace.

4. Suitable for mobiles

PrestaShop is very suitable for mobiles and helps you stay close and in touch with your customers no matter the interface they used to arrive on your website.

The default PrestaShop model comes with a built-in mobile-optimized cart, which will work efficiently on all mobile devices. This will help your online sales as your customers will be able to browse and purchase the products on your store anytime and from anywhere.

In addition, the user interface as well as the administrator can be executed and managed via mobile. This mobile user-friendliness of PrestaShop guarantees your customers the best mobile checkout experience every time they shop on your site.

5. Easy customization:

Compared to other e-commerce platforms, PrestaShop is the easiest to customize. While personalizing a PrestaShop-based e-commerce store requires a certain amount of technical know-how, it’s not a concern because you can hire us to help you personalize your online store according to your needs and your taste.

And this easy customization feature of PrestaShop is the most performing and beneficial for you as a store owner. This is also the reason why PrestaShop is the most popular platform for building e-commerce stores.

With PrestaShop, the customization you can create includes product downloads, invoice generation, sales statistics visualization, coupon codes creation and even customer activity visualization.

6. Back office management:

PrestaShop offers a wide range of tools that can help you manage your store so that it is very profitable for you. The set of features for back-end management in PrestaShop is very impressive and is even integrated with all major carriers such as UPS, FedEx and USPS.

In addition, the PrestaShop dashboard includes a comprehensive set of statistics and store management tools with minimal text.

The dashboard includes tools with which you can easily manage and configure your catalog and then your store. In addition, the settings on the dashboard are well presented, intuitive to use, stat driven, graphs and targeted and most professional.

Somehow, business owners should definitely opt for PrestaShop as the e-commerce platform for their online store as this can help to manage their online business very effectively without the help of any business management software.

7. Highly flexible:

PrestaShop as an e-commerce platform is perhaps the most flexible software. And this great flexibility of PrestaShop is the main reason behind the fact that in just a few years after its launch it has reached about 5 million downloads, a community of 700,000 members, used in more than 150 countries and yes – currently powering more than 200,000 online retail stores in the world!

In addition, PrestaShop is also available in 65 languages ​​at the moment, meaning that if you want to do your business with the help of an online retail store, all you need to do is select your language favorite and so your store is ready to sell.

With PrestaShop, you can also benefit from geolocation by IP which will automatically show the details of the store in the language of the country where customer will access your online shop. This makes you sure to score points on your store’s SEO barometer!

8. Multiple Payment Gateway Options:

The e-commerce platform of PrestaShop allows several payment gateway options for your online store. This is possible because PrestaShop has a feature called Multiple Payment Integration with which you can integrate as many payment gateways as you think you need for the success of your online store.

Such multiple payment gateway options on PrestaShop eliminate all sorts of barriers or delays in receiving a customer’s payment.

Moreover, this integration of multiple payment gateway on PrestaShop is very simple and flexible and requires only a small amount of technical knowledge.

9. Excellent support and documentation

One of the reasons for the enormous popularity of PrestaShop as an e-commerce platform is the fact that you benefit from valuable documentation and technical support whenever you need it.

And the best thing is that you do not need to search for the required documentation and support as they are available on the PrestaShop website itself. This includes complete information about the different features and parameters of the platform.

The online support forum or the PrestaShop community has customer service representatives who will not only answer all your questions but will also offer training courses and paid support if you need them.

10. The price: $ 0.00

PrestaShop’s e-commerce platform is fully open source, free of charge and without hidden costs. This means that if you want to use PrestaShop as the platform for your online store, all you need to do is download it and then install it on your web server.

As soon as you do this, you are ready to start doing business from your online store and therefore money!

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The content manager is the base on which a website rests, so its choice is paramount. However, this choice does not guarantee the quality of the website delivered. At PUBLI WEB MEDIA, each website delivery is accompanied by a 45-day guarantee..

To do this, you must first have a complete specifications and the professional graphic design that will suit you. Then, integrate it in order to support the different browsers and adapt it to different interfaces: computer, tablet and smartphone.

PrestaShop has to be configured to suit your needs while maximizing site referencing and ensuring the security of installed and expanded modules.

This involves several specific trades that are gathered within our PrestaShop web agency in Montreal, with many references from PrestaShop websites and which can accompany you and follow you throughout the life of your website.


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